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Reasons to Secure Your Website Section:

1. Financial Loss

A data breach can result

in significant financial losses.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties.

3. Reputational Damage

The fallout can be catastrophic

for your brand.

4. Identity Theft

Sensitive information is a

prime target for cybercriminals.

5. Operational Disruption

A successful cyber attack

can disrupt your operations.

We Take Care Of Your Cyber Security So You Can Focus On Your Business


  • Our Security Operation Center stays on watch 24/7 – so you don’t have to!

  • Complete 360 assessment of all risks and possible breaches

  • Get peace of mind knowing your business + assets are fully protected

  • Have a backup for your backup to restore data immediately in the event of a loss

  • Fully secured system in LESS THAN 24 hours

We Guarantee Your Business Will Be Safer After The Assessment

how it works


We’ll identify + recommend the best backup strategy for your data (and manage it for you)

We assess your current IT infrastructure + develop an action plan in case of emergency

We’ll establish + provide industry recommended IT policies + procedures


Recommend + deploy the appropriate firewall for your network environment

Set up DNS controls that reduce exposure to malicious/unwanted web content

Create + plan employee cyber security training

Run a dark web scan and report to you within 45 minutes


A monthly data risk discovery and quantification report

Configure Azure AD environment and endpoint security policies for your organization

Enforce multi-factor authentication for company accounts

Implement 17 layers of anti-virus, phishing, and spam-blocking power

Provide automated critical update service

Continuously evaluate organizational security posture against compliance standards

Tailored Solutions for Different Industries Section:

Financial Institutions

Safeguard financial data and transactions.

Healthcare Providers

Protect patient confidentiality and comply with regulations.

Information Technology Companies

Shield intellectual property and sensitive data.

E-commerce Platforms

Ensure secure online transactions and customer data.

Don't wait until it's too late.

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I want to thank Ryan from TrueITPros for helping me with data recovery.  He was professional, knowledgeable, and worked tirelessly until the issue was resolved. He was so patient with me and explained everything. I have been with this company for two years now and their service has always been exceptional. Highly recommended!


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Your Free Risk Assessment Is Just The Tip Of The Security Iceberg

What People Are Saying?

Dustin Bryan has been an excellent "account manager"! They do GREAT SEO services and digital marketing. He has been very professional, great communications, easy to work with, and fair pricing for services. Highly recommend TrueITPros overall, and Dustin Bryan in particular, although the whole team has been good!

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I don't usually leave a review but these guys deserve it. They have exceeded our expectations. They are responsive, organized and they have been able to tackle any issues that we have had without a problem. They are truly IT pros. Thank you to all the guys and gals at TrueITPros. We really appreciate you!

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I have been working with True IT Pros for 15 months and I am extremely happy with the results. Dustin is always on top of things ,answers your question quickly and resolve problems immediately. My business grew significantly and I couldn't be more happy. Thank you Dustin for your hard work. You are fantastic and well appreciated.

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